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Gold Loan

Walk into any of ICL branches and receive money against pledging of your gold ornaments. The Sales executive at our branches will take care of all the procedures. The loan amount against your ornament will depend upon the rate of Gold on that particular day and also its purity. Our Sales Executive at the branch will accordingly inform you the details.

The customer is entitled to receive back the gold pledged after the loan amount with complete interest has been paid. If a customer fails to repay the amount within the due date, ICL might decide to auction off gold to recover the dues. However, the customer will be given ample intimations before such a decision will be taken.

ICL Gold loan service has many products specially designed to cater to customer's varied requirements. ICL is the only company that has a gold loan product with the lowest interest rate of 9% in the industry.

The salient features of our Gold Loan service are as follows:

  • Simple and easy procedures with minimum documentation
  • Quick disbursal of loan
  • Options to repay loan on installment basis
  • No Gold evaluation charge
  • High security with strong room and CCTV

Gold Loan Schemes:

Gold Loan Product Name Duration Rate of Interest
ICL + (Plus) Gold Loan Up to 1 month 12%
  >1 to 3 months 16%
  >3 to 6 months 20%
  >6 to 12 months 24%
ICL VanithaSuraksha Up to 3 months 12%
  >3 to 6 months 18%
  >6 to 9 months 22%
ICL Suvarna Gold Loan Up to 3 months 18%
  >3 to 6 months 24%
  >6 to 9 months 26%
  >9 to 12 months 28%
ICL Sukrutham Gold Loan 18 monthly installments basis 9%

Scheme Name Feature Interest Rate LTV Duration
ICL Gold Super Loan value up to Rs.75,000/- only 14% 75% 01st day to 30th day 14%
31st day to 60th day 24%
61st day to 90th day 26%

Scheme Name Feature Target customer Interest Rate LTV Duration
ICL Mitra Plus High Value loan. Minimum Loan value Rs.1 lakh and above Business community, Traders, Builders, Large Shop owners etc. 16% 75% 01st day to 30th day 16%
31st day to 90th day 18%
91st day to 180th day 22%
181st day to 270th day 24%
271st day to 360th day 26%

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