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Business Loan

ICL offers business loans to SMEs. Under our classification, such SMEs must be either running a small business unit or a shop. For such small business entities, timely availability of funds is keyfor enhancing their business or preparing to take advantage of festival season. ICL, therefore, has loan portfolios from Rs.10,000 up to Rs.5 lakhs that are devised to help meet evolving financial needs of small entrepreneurs.

The salient features of our business loan service are as follows:

  • Customers can straight away walk into any of our branches located strategically.
  • Speedy approvals
  • Loan portfolio from Rs.10,000 to Rs.5 lakhs
  • Lowest Interest rate
  • Daily, weekly repayment facility
  • Daily collection executives at your doorstep

Business Loan Products:

Business Loans from Rs.10,000 to Rs.50,000 - Daily/weekly repayment basis:

Loan Amount No of days Daily repayment Amount No of weeks Weekly repayment amount
Rs.10,000 100 days Rs.100 10 weeks Rs.1,000
Rs.15,000 100 days Rs.150 10 weeks Rs.1,500
Rs.20,000 100 days Rs.200 10 weeks Rs.2,000
Rs.25,000 100 days Rs.250 10 weeks Rs.2,500
Rs.30,000 100 days Rs.300 10 weeks Rs.3,000
Rs.35,000 100 days Rs.350 10 weeks Rs.3,500
Rs.40,000 100 days Rs.400 10 weeks Rs.4,000
Rs.45,000 100 days Rs.450 10 weeks Rs.4,500
Rs.50,000 100 days Rs.500 10 weeks Rs.5,000

Business Loans from Rs.1 lakh to Rs.5 lakhs - Daily repayment basis:

Loan Amount No of days Daily repayment Amount
Rs.1,00,000 286 days Rs.350 per day

For loans above Rs.1, 00,000, daily repayment amount will be calculated based on 0.35% of the loan amount. For example, for Rs.2, 00,000 loan, daily repayment amount would be Rs.700 and so on...

Please visit one of our nearest branches to understand the terms and conditions of various business loan products. Our customer sales executives will be happy to render their help to you.

No Guarantor Business loan :

Meant for business people. No need for guarantors. Suitable when extra cash reaquired for fresh stock during festival season etc:

Loan Amount No of days Daily repayment Amount
Rs.1,00,000 200 days Rs.500 per day

Business loan For Women :

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